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The UCCG.org welcomes you to join us if you’re interested in...
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  • Chainsaw Sculptors
  • Unique Wood Art
  • History of Chainsaw Sculpture
  • Or looking for a carver

The United Chainsaw Carvers Guild is an organization of chainsaw artists with sculptors in over 80 countries worldwide. Our purpose is to promote the art of chainsaw carving and serve as an artistic reservoir for the cultural exchange of this growing industry. It functions as a bridge for national and international cooperative programs and educational opportunities. It supports a variety of avenues to enhance the enjoyment and skills of chainsaw carvers everywhere by freely sharing knowledge, experience and friendship for the mutual benefit of all.

Originating from Ridgway, Pennsylvania, the UCCG is a registered nonprofit organization of volunteers that serves as a valuable resource for the history of chainsaw sculpture  as well as an avenue for international communication and cooperation among both professional and novice chainsaw carvers. Our collaboration of individuals comprised of chainsaw artists from all walks of life represents an extremely diverse range of artistic styles. The creative talent exhibited by our many members is truly staggering. This pool of knowledge is available to anyone who wishes to participate with us. We are a friendly group dedicated to sharing our talents for the betterment of our art form and our participants. We welcome all those interested in furthering their skills as a chainsaw artist, as well as those who may wish to support worldwide cooperation and friendship through the mutual appreciation of chainsaw art.

Carving Post Forum

The UCCG’s flagship of communication is the Carving Post. This forum provides a safe atmosphere to share stories, ideas, events, competitions, networking, equipment, and fund-raisers. For the individual artist, it offers a means for self-promotion and critiquing and for the public a way to connect with an artist to get that special commission you’ve been wanting to have done.

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The United Chainsaw Carvers Guild
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Established in 2002